Accessory Products

Survey Tracker
The Heath Survey Tracker provides utility companies the opportunity to log mobile leak survey data and GPS locations of all natural gas leaks detected. Data recorded includes: Username Date Time Location - based on GPS Alarm Levels Leak Detection Level Speed of Vehicle
Mobile Kits
For mobile DP4 or mobile DP-IR leak survey you will need a Mobile Kit. The kit is mounted at a suitable point inside the vehicle. This unit may be powered by the vehicle electrical system by means of a cable/plug which is included in the mobile unit installation kit. The sample system made up of...
EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier
The EI‐5 Ethane Gas Identifier is a portable combustible gas analyzer designed to differentiate between gas distributed by a utility and naturally occurring gas often present in the ground or subsurface structures. Ethane is present in significant concentrations in distributed natural gas but is...
Odorator ®
The Odorator is an ideal tool for customer service personnel and other individuals for evaluating odor levels in gas distribution or transmission systems. This instrument is designed for ease of operation and interpretation. It is lightweight yet rugged for field use.
Plunger Bars
Heath Plunger Bars are specially designed to outperform all others. Plunger Bars have a fitted piston rod for maximum safety and dependability as well as a unique piston action for easy removal of the rod. The Plunger Bar is ideal for a number of applications including, test holes, sub-soil...
The Wireless Assessment and Training Checker or Watcher is designed for hands-on hazardous or gas emergency training. The Watcher utilizes a Bluetooth enabled tablet to wirelessly control specially adapted portable gas detectors from GMI to simulate actual situations with the equipment . Complete...